WebHostFace Scam Warning & webhostface.com Review


We have been victims of these fraudsters. We would to share our terrible experience with these group of scammers and fraudsters:

They don’t own the servers, but they lease few outdated servers from INAP company, which already filed for bankruptcy in the United States. They only rent servers which are supposed to be scrapped.

They have few servers in which they do virtualisation and squeeze in them all the victims who they can trick to sign up for their services. All these customers will eventually find their resources used up because the actual dedicated server they have been squeezed within already has limited resources and is outdated.

They do not have any business policy, which governs contracting, cancellation or refund.

If you dare to ask them that you want to cancel your services be prepared that they will deduct six months bills from your stored credit card before letting you leave. There is no mention to a notice period required to cancel your subscription on their website, but arbitrarily they require six months notice in advance for any cancellation request.

If you have paid in advance for a year or more, you will not get any refund if you decide to leave earlier against all the norms of other hosting companies.

They do not have any presence in the USA. They’ve just using an address stolen from the Internet of an engineering company.

They use a Skype number to deceive customers that they are based in the USA, to which they receive only voicemails, but they do not pick up the phone under any circumstances.

They are based in Russia and operate from there. Nonetheless, all their Russian deception team are well-trained and can write good English in chat sessions, so do not be fooled by this.

To be continued…

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